About us

Solo Showers Ltd is a specialist manuafacturer of made to measure shower curtains. Our dedicated team of machinists can make any size of curtain that you require. We can supply one-off curtains for the general public, or multiple size requirements for hospitals, care homes, hotels, universities, sports centres, schools and many more.

We can supply a range of colour finishes and patterns to suit all tastes. Please view our ever increasing range from the “Products” menu.

We can also supply antibacterial and fire retardant curtains for health care facilities such as hospitals and care homes. These are curtains are not just for shower facilities, but for any screening requirement where cleanliness is essential.

Our So-Lo-Bio curtains are MRSA resistant and does not support bacterial growth. Just follow the simple instructions on the product care page.

Made to measure curtains are not the only products available. Check out our So-Lo Limpet range of products that keep the water where you want it.

We have a range of other products including: telescopic shower rails, curtain rings, bath alarms and our new bathroom accessories set.